Last night, December 1, 2015 <Deez Nerdz> attempted our first venture as a team and started with Hellfire Citadel Normal.  Since we are still recruiting we had about 5 of us from guild and we cobbled together a raid from various friends and PUGs from the group finder. Thank God for group finder! We had a very successful night and despite a late start (due to waiting on finding pugs) we killed 7 bosses in 2.5 hours. We will be heading back into HFC on Thursday at 9pm EST and will definitely need bodies again.


Our long term goals are to form a solid, cohesive team in preparation for raiding in Legion. Short term we want to kill HFC and venture into heroics and get that Moose mount! Mythics would be great but we’ll get there when we get there. At this point in the venture we’re happy to just be raiding again!

Recruitment Needs

We need all kinds of dps at this point! We are solid with tanks and healers. Any dps with past heroic experience please hit me up in game. Look for Sephorae on Bleeding Hollow or add jadedot#1925 to your friend list on Druids need not apply. We’re overflowing with druids.

Recruitment Times

This is up for discussion. Currently times are:

Tue/Thur – 9pm – midnight EST

Invites start at 8:30ish while we look for pugs.