Great effort on the part of the team last night in downing Socrethar the Eternal in Normal Hellfire Citadel.  The team worked together very well to kill this boss and we defeated him on our 2nd attempt. 1% wipe on the first try.

The rest of the evening was not as successful as we battled low dps on Xhul’horac. We had several 1% wipes so we were very close but just couldn’t quite get over the finish line. We are still pugging quite a bit and are greatly in need of a dk, hunter, and a mage.

Raid times:

Tue/Thur – 9pm – Midnight EST


We are currently doing personal loot while we gear. We will continue to do so while we have pugs in the group. Once our team is solidified this will likely switch to a roll system.


Get in touch with Sephorae on Bleeding Hollow-US Horde side. My battle tag is jadedot#1925. No flakes or wishy washy people need apply. Don’t waste my time if you can’t show up to raids. While we will maintain a casual schedule, we still need people we can rely on.