<Deez Nerdz> had a great second week of raiding. We are now 11/13 Normal in HFC and should kill Manno and Archimonde next week. We did this in about 4.5 hours of raiding with many members who haven’t seen some of the further fights. Once our guild grows up and we have an established team I expect that we will be vanquishing bosses much more quickly and progress through Heroic at a rapid pace. At this rate we are still gearing out toons and learning fights. We are looking for a few more dps, including those with offspec heals/tanks in the case that we have a tank or healer out for the evening.

Raid Days Have Changed

We have changed our raid days. New days will now be Wed/Mon: 9pm – Midnight EST

If you are interested, please add jadedot#1925 to battle.net or @plumwd on Twitter.