New Warcraft Fan Art
We have fourteen new pieces of fan artwork. Would you like to share your artistic talents with the community? Submit your fan art today!

Light and Shadow by Jie-in Hyun (Angju)

Legion by Konstantin Turovec (KAaS)

Demon Hunter – on a mission by KostanRyuk

伊利丹军团再临 by Shenyi (沈毅)

일리단 by 최우재 (코카인듬뿍)

Demon Hunters by Katherine Murray

Blood Elf Rogue by Hichem Zarrad

Felkin by Stephanie Paul (FallingStardusk)

King Varian Wrynn by WANG QI(DEMON77)

Night Elf Demon Hunter by Oscar Lazo Mercado

The Hunt by Dennis Lukowski (Drelik)

Illidan by Neydolan

Illidan Stormrage by Jimi Hänninen

古尔丹 by 王昕睿 (魔闪小白)

New World of Warcraft Comics

Last but not least, we’ve gathered two comics.

Send us your comics by the end of each month to be considered. Don’t tarry; eternal fame for your art are only a few panels away!

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