Heroic Spellblade Aluriel is a boss located in The Nighthold raid. The encounter features movemment, various adds, and lots of raid-wide damage. While raid awareness is not as huge in this fight, compared to say Heroic Trilliax, there are various things players will want to watch out for. Most importantly, players affected by Mark of Frost will need to ensure they are not near other raid members with the debuff so as not to detonate it early. Similar to other bosses in this tier, the fight consists of three phases each with their own level of difficulty and surprise. These phases rotate until the encounter is over or she reaches the enrage point.

  • Frost Phase:
  • Fire Phase:
  • Magic Enchantment:

The frost phase proved to be the toughest for our group, until we learned (thanks Thug) that it is wiser to hold onto the Mark of Frost debuff until 10 stacks vs the (4,5,6) rotation that we had tried early on. The issue with this debuff is that when it detonates it does damage to other players near the player affected by the debuff. Early detonating debuffs become a problem for healers as the damage is quite intensive and widespread.

Heroic Spellblade Aluriel Kill Video


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