After much thought and contempation, the guild formerly known as <Deez Nerdz>, is now <Imperium>. Along with the new guild name comes a brand new website and phoenix logo. The new website features a more solid focus on guild relevant news, recruitment information, kill videos, and player streams. All old posts will still feature the original <Deez Nerdz> guild tag as it is part of our history. We are excited to see where this new chapter takes us.

Imperium Guild History

Imperium was founded in November 2015 by a group of players who were originally part of the Alliance guild ÆNIMA on Skywall, during Vanilla WoW. Since that time a subset of ÆNIMA has stayed together, traipsing throughout Azeroth. The guild is a PVE focused guild, with a casual raid team, raiding 2 nights a week for a total of 6 hours. While we maintain a very casual schedule, most of our player base come from a hardcore raiding background and make the most of the time to quickly vanquish our enemies (pixel dragons). At the time of our formation, these core members from ÆNIMA were scattered to the 4 corners of the World (of Warcraft), but as always happens after we see each other at Blizzcon, we decided to give raiding together another shot and so Deez Nerdz was born.

We quickly moved through Hellfire Citadel until late expansion attrition and summer fever set in, at which time we decided to break till Legion. Legion came with a bang and the guild has had much success.

The guild is currently recruiting exceptional dps to further our conquests into Mythic raiding. Because of our shortened raid week, it is imperative that you are a quality player, no applicants without experience will be considered.