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Heroic Trilliax Kill Holy Priest Point of View

20 Jan 2017

Heroic Trilliax is is a short-circuiting construct and is the third boss located within the Nighthold raid. As a result of his malfunctions, he is quite looney, uttering such phrases as You dare leave crumbs on my floor?! Die!!! and Can you please die without making such a mess?!. Trilliax is a tier loot boss,…

Heroic Chronomatic Anomaly Kill Video Holy Priest POV

18 Jan 2017

Heroic Chronomatic Anomaly is a super fun fight during which the various phases of the fight are affected by an ability called the [Passage of Time]. Because of this ability the rate at which time passes to change throughout the different phases of the fight. The fight consists of three different phases: [Speed: Normal] [Speed:…

Happy New Year from Deez Nerdz

31 Dec 2016

Happy New Year from Deez Nerdz! Take a look back at 2016 and some of our fun highlights from this last year. We did a lot this last year and most of it was a blast. We conquered our first raid as a team, and then went into the Tin Man Challenge which was so…

Recruiting for Mythic Emerald Nightmare

06 Dec 2016

<Deez Nerdz> – Bleeding Hollow -US (Horde) is recruiting for mythic Emerald Nightmare. We are 1/7M (focusing only on EN, TOV is for off nights and not a major concern for us) and would like to push mythic progression. We are a laid back, casual team with a hard-driven mindset for progression. Recruiting for core…

Love, Life, and World of Warcraft

24 Mar 2016
Hilton Crew Blizzcon 2011

People frequently ask me why I play World of Warcraft. “Only nerds play video games, you don’t look like a nerd.” What the general populace does not understand is that World of Warcraft is much more than a video game. While slaying dragon pixels is super fun and brings a wonderful sense of accomplishment and…

Nerdz are now 9/13H Downing Iskar Last Night!

09 Feb 2016

After a bumpy couple of weeks with the loss of a couple healers and key ranged we are back on the road to success. This week we killed a new boss, Heroic Iskar, and are on progressing very nicely on Heroic Socrethar. We could really use a boomkin and a hunter. Anyone needing a new…

We are now 8/13H! Way to go Nerdz!

19 Jan 2016

Another wildly successful week of raiding and Deez Nerdz is now 8/13 heroic with 2 new heroic boss kills this week. We spend a minimal amount of time raiding so this is pretty amazing. We were done at 10:40 last night having killed both Heroic Xhul and Zakuun in one evening. We are still recruiting…

6/13 H. 13/13 N. Cleared! Archimonde Makes Us Tremble NO MORE

12 Jan 2016

I’m going to start off by announcing that I am so very proud of our team as we’ve grown from a few to enough (just barely) to field a guild raid! Last week was nothing short of phenomenal dropping the first 6 bosses of HFC on heroic in one fell swoop and then going on…

Happy New Year 2016 from <Deez Nerdz>

01 Jan 2016
Happy New Year 2016

From all of us at <Deez Nerdz> wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Mannoroth Down 2 Attempts!

22 Dec 2015

<Deez Nerdz> has killed Mannoroth on Normal. Not bad for our third week in and slim raid weeks! We still do not have a full guild raid team and are continuing to recruit. Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your mom’s friends WE NEED DPS! If you are interested in joining hit up anyone…