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Now 11/13 Hellfire Citadel N. Still Recruiting

10 Dec 2015

<Deez Nerdz> had a great second week of raiding. We are now 11/13 Normal in HFC and should kill Manno and Archimonde next week. We did this in about 4.5 hours of raiding with many members who haven’t seen some of the further fights. Once our guild grows up and we have an established team…

Socrethar the Eternal Vanquished by <Deez Nerdz>. Still Recruiting to Fill the Ranks.

04 Dec 2015
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Great effort on the part of the team last night in downing Socrethar the Eternal in Normal Hellfire Citadel. ┬áThe team worked together very well to kill this boss and we defeated him on our 2nd attempt. 1% wipe on the first try. The rest of the evening was not as successful as we battled…

Had a Very Successful First Night of Raiding

02 Dec 2015

Last night, December 1, 2015 <Deez Nerdz> attempted our first venture as a team and started with Hellfire Citadel Normal. ┬áSince we are still recruiting we had about 5 of us from guild and we cobbled together a raid from various friends and PUGs from the group finder. Thank God for group finder! We…