Guild recruitment is now open for dps; we are looking for exceptional raiders with prior raiding experience. Because of our shortened raid week, it is imperative that you are a quality player, no applicants without experience will be considered.


High Need –
Demon Hunter: Havok
Druid: Balance, Feral, Resto
Monk: Resto, WW
Paladin: Retribution
Shaman: Enh, Resto
Warrior: Arms,Fury

All exceptional recruits are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec.

Raid Times

Tue/Wed – 9 PM – Midnight EST

Loot Rules

Imperium is currently using personal loot method.


  • Experience: Strong history of raiding
  • Attendance: Due to our abbreviated schedule we expect you to make nearly every raid
  • Discord: w/ Working Microphone
  • Mature Attitude: We prefer to play with like-minded adults

We’re a casual guild that plays with a hardcore mentality. Most of us have been playing together for a very long time. While we say we’re casual, the only thing casual about us is the schedule.


Battlenet: Grimms#1419, clover#11874
Discord: Grimms#2871, sephorae#7200