Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly Stopped By Imperium

31 Mar 2017

Imperium killed Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly tonight with our newly formed mythic team making our progression 2/10M. Great job working as a unit to dispatch this boss. Super proud of everyone. VIP goes to Alexee for his OP DK skills.

Imperium Has Entered the Mythic Game, Now 1/7M

29 Mar 2017

Imperium has finally entered the mythic game and is now 1/7M with the kill of Mythic Skorpyron on March 28, 2017. The kill was fairly simple (as mythic raiders will know) despite fighting the 7.2 patch boss that placed all kinds of weird bugs and lag issues in the game. Great job everyone.

Recruiting Exceptional DPS for Nighthold

Imperium – Bleeding Hollow-US (Horde) is recruiting ranged dps for Nighthold progression. We are 10/10N NH and 5/10H NH. We raid at a semi-hardcore level on a casual schedule. Be ready. Be on time. Know your stuff. We are seeking high quality dps to push mythic raiding on a casual schedule in Nighthold and beyond….

Heroic Gul’dan Dispatched By Imperium

21 Mar 2017

Imperium quickly dispatched of Heroic Gul’dan last night after a total of 38 attempts. The guild has done a great job of quickly learning fights for nice progression in the short, 6 hours a week that we raid.

Heroic Elisande Downed by Imperium

24 Feb 2017

On a slim night with half our raid team, Heroic Elisande was killed in quick fashion. Great work team.

Normal Nighthold Cleared, 7/10 Heroic

30 Jan 2017

Deez Nerdz has now cleared Normal Nighthold and is currently 7/10  Heroic Nighthold. Great job everyone.